At Carib Sands Dock

Diving on the Sister Islands

Cayman Brac Diving - Awesome for any level of diver!

Cayman Brac offers some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Along with its Sister Island of Little Cayman, it has been ranked in the top for wall diving and critters. Cayman Brac reefs and walls are just a few minutes boat ride from the resorts and Little Cayman is a must see every week. So hop on board with Reef Divers and enjoy the sights!
The Cayman Islands protect their reefs through an extensive mooring system and marine parks. By using mooring buoys, the underwater environment is protected from dragging anchors and indiscriminate placement. The lines on the mooring buoys are great ways to get to the reef and provide an easy way to perform safety stops. Our reefs remain prsitine for guests visiting the islands.

Valet Style Diving makes Diving a Snap

Professional instructors offer you a valet diving experience by setting up your gear on the boat each day. Reef Divers boats are comfortable and well equipped with the latest diving equipment, and meet the latest safety standards/specifications. Reef Divers will take you to spectacular dive sites on both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman - beyond the normal sites.

The dive shop provides all of the necessary accessories, as well the latest equipment to rent. We have a Nitrox membrane to give you hassle free enriched air.

The Dive Staff Represents Many Dive Agencies

Reef Divers team of PADI, NAUI, NASDS, BSAC, and SSI certified professionals are committed to providing the best, easiest, and safest diving experience in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean. Each is certified as a PADI and NAUI Instructor. A staff of 9 includes certified instructors/dive masters/boat operators, mechanics, equipment repair specialists and retail sales staff.

A Variety of Dive Sites for Your to Enjoy!

With well over 125 sites between Cayman Brac and Little Cayman there is no end of diving experiences. The sites run the gammit from large wrecks like the 330 foot Captain Keith Tibbetts, to stunning walls on Bloody Bay through unique animal encounters like Tarpon Reef. There is even the Lost City of Atlantis on Cayman Brac! This site designed by a local artist Foots will eventually have more than one-hundred pieces of original sculpture cast from molds using a blend of materials, crushed rock, sand and cement.
Most dives are done at mooring balls to protect our reefs. You will never have to worry about repeating a dive site (unless you absolutely want to!). Reef Divers offers a 2 tank morning dive and a 1 tank afternoon dive each day. The morning dives start with a wall dive (maximum depth 110') followed by a reef dive after a surface interval. The afternoon dive will have you visiting another one of Brac's critter packed reefs. Dive computers are allowed and encouraged (but each member of the buddy team must have one).

Recent Images from the Lost City of Atlantis